Entrepreneurship and human capital continue to play an increasingly important role in the success of a region. The Heartland, which holds a heritage of strong entrepreneurial values and work ethic, is no exception. The Heartland Civic Collaborative develops sustainable strategies around the movement of ideas found within these areas.

The Heartland Civic Collaborative joins forces with leading organizations within the industry in an effort to capitalize on this key asset. Together we define and develop a framework and metrics to drive the region forward.

As a first step toward creating this framework, the Heartland Civic Collaborative supports the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem dashboard for the Kansas City metro.  This dashboard will contain key metrics to help quantify progress in creating a rich ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs in our communities. Once the Kansas City dashboard is complete, the Heartland Civic Collaborative will work with Des Moines, Omaha and St. Louis to create similar dashboards for their metros.

Top priority areas include:

  • Development of a model entrepreneurial metrics dashboard
  • Economic Development Administration programs and efforts
  • Fundamental research and the development and deployment of
    advanced technologies
  • Research and Experimentation tax credit, and Startup Act
  • Immigrant Visa program and foreign entrepreneurs
  • Education and workforce development

Entrepreneurship & Human Capital Work Group Members

Dedicated work group members help drive the mission and goals of the Heartland Civic Collaborative. Their efforts lead to the continued success and global competitiveness of the Heartland region. 

  • John Sondag – Co-Convener (St. Louis)
  • Patrick Whalen – Co-Convener (Kansas City)
  • David Brown (Omaha)
  • Suren Dutie (Kansas City)
  • Maria E. Meyers (Kansas City)
  • Meg Fitz Schneider (Des Moines)
  • Jack Galmiche (St. Louis)

Core Initiatives

The Heartland Civic Collaborative serves as the regional voice of the Des Moines, Kansas City, Omaha and St. Louis metros. As one mega-region, we build momentum through targeted civic initiatives and drive strategic, coordinated actions toward common goals. We focus on four main areas that provide mutually beneficial opportunities to the Heartland. These areas leverage our proven successes and deep roots. They include: Transportation, Federal Advocacy, Life Sciences and Entrepreneurship & Human Capital.

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The transportation industry thrives in the Heartland. The Heartland Civic Collaborative works to harness this competitive edge by developing a multi-modal, integrated transportation vision for the region.

Federal Advocacy

Federal Advocacy

Our shared federal advocacy agenda highlights the collective voice of the Heartland region. Together we drive greater action than any one state or metro could accomplish alone.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Through the Heartland Civic Collaborative, participating metros leverage existing regional strengths in human, animal and plant health.

Entrepreneurship & Human Capital

Entrepreneurship & Human Capital

The Heartland Civic Collaborative enhances the movement of ideas in entrepreneurship and human capital. Through the development of sustainable strategies, these areas continue to play an increasingly important role in the success of the Heartland.