Second KINETIC Forum Focused on the Future of Transportation Infrastructure

The future of transportation infrastructure is around the corner and leaders within the Kansas City transportation industry are taking note.

On April 22, 2016, nearly 200 industry leaders gathered to hear Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard University business professor and author of “MOVE: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead.” speak at the second KINETIC Forum.

Serving as the Forum’s keynote speaker, Kanter addressed the future changes expected in transportation infrastructure. Specifically, she touched on major trends occurring in this space. These trends include:

  • The critical role cities and regions play in the future of transportation infrastructure, as more and more of the population continues to move out of the suburbs and into urban areas.
  • The importance of making transportation connections, both data-driven and physical. Kanter noted that making data connections in the world of transportation will then lead to the physical connections needed to make getting from point A to point B easy for everyone.
  • The need to address inequality and lack of access to public transportation for those living in poverty stricken areas. Kanter stressed that those with access to public transportation have a greater chance of getting out of poverty and finding a job.

Following Kanter’s keynote address, four civic and business leaders, including Bill Ebel, city manager for Overland Park, Kansas; Tom O’Grady, corporate president of HNTB; Troy Schulte, city manager of Kansas City, Missouri; and Ted Hamer, managing director at KPMG, joined Kanter on stage to discuss regional transportation trends and systems.

The panel addressed questions including how Kansas City can plan for the future of transportation infrastructure, and what the region can do to propel these plans forward.

The Heartland Civic Collaborative is committed to leveraging the evolving transportation industry and will develop a multi-modal, integrated transportation vision for the region. This transportation vision supports and enhances the Heartland’s promising competitive advantage in the transportation industry. Download the Heartland Civic Collaborative Regional Transportation Strategy to learn more.

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