KCALSI Releases 2015 Life Science Industry Census

The Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI) recently released its 2015 Life Science Industry Census. The census “shows continued growth in this vital sector of the region’s economy and adds another valuable layer of detail to the industry’s growth through the years.”

The census uncovered growth in both the number of life sciences companies and jobs found in the Kansas City region. Nine companies joined the region and employment growth increased over 20 percent since 2012.

The Life Sciences Task Force of the Heartland Civic Collaborative modeled its Life Sciences Asset Mapping Project after the KCALSI Census. The Asset Mapping Project provides a comprehensive picture of life sciences industries in the Heartland’s four-state region. The project estimated life sciences employment in the Heartland at approximately 82,800. It also found that life sciences assets are clustered around major population centers in the four-state region. Among the four states, 791 life sciences assets were identified, along with 389 university assets. This view of the life sciences infrastructure in the Heartland region provides HCC and the HCC Life Sciences Task Force with actionable business intelligence to help grow life sciences activity in the region.

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Learn more about the KCALSI 2015 Life Sciences Industry Census.