Heartland Civic Collaborative

Connected & Competitive

The Heartland Civic Collaborative unites four Midwest metros – Des Moines, Kansas City, Omaha and St. Louis – to collectively strengthen the Heartland’s competitiveness in the global economy.

The Heartland Civic Collaborative transcends the existing, ongoing initiatives of each of its partners. Together, it creates a louder, more effective and unified voice for the region.


The transportation industry thrives in the Heartland. The Heartland Civic Collaborative works to harness this competitive edge by developing a multi-modal, integrated transportation vision for the region.

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Federal Advocacy

Our shared federal advocacy agenda highlights the collective voice of the Heartland region. Together we drive greater action than any one state or metro could accomplish alone.

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Life Sciences

Through the Heartland Civic Collaborative, participating metros leverage existing regional strengths in human, animal and plant health.

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Entrepreneurship & Human Capital

The Heartland Civic Collaborative enhances the movement of ideas in entrepreneurship and human capital. Through the development of sustainable strategies, these areas continue to play an increasingly important role in the success of the Heartland.

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